Here is the Temporary Pettengill Academy Training Portal for use while the site is being redesigned. The videos will be grouped into sections and will have the corresponding certificates attached as well. Your School Director will assist in assigning the certificates and ensuring completion.

Orientation 1


Active Supervision


1. Active Supervision Webinar
2. Leave No Child Unattended
3. Creating Safe & Engaging Spaces
4. Strategies from the Field
5. Using Active Supervision for Child Safety
6. Systems to Support Active Supervision
7. Playgrounds!
8. Creating & Enhancing a Culture of Safety

Family Guide & Handbook*

Associate Handbook

Emergency Plan

Allergy Management Plan

Health Care Plan

Mandated Reporter

CACFP Food Program – Civil Rights Training Video

Maine Roads to Quality

This next section will take you to the MRTQ Site where you will sign up for the Maine Roads to Quality Registry which will track you trainings as well as give you access to the mandatory Health & Safety Basic class :


Enneagram Test: 

Use this link to take your Enneagram test and let the director know your type: