Each year at Pettengill Academy we honor one associate with our highest award, the title of PA Rockstar. This individual must have exhibited an action-driven desire to impact the lives of everyone they meet in a positive and uplifting way.

They consistently communicate with parents and teachers, they share responsibilities, they can admit to a mistake, are always aware of their surroundings, you can count on them to do the right thing and they are that fun, they live our values and are that silly teacher who helps everyone else smile!

Nominations will start on November 7, 2021

Nominations closes on November 19, 2021 ( must be received by Midnight )

Voting starts on November 26, 2021

Voting closes on December 3, 2021 ( must be received by Midnight )

The winner will be announced on December 6, 2021

* The two days off will be the day before Christmas Break and the Day after Christmas Break ( example : 12/23 & 12/26 )

* The 4 days off during the next year can be taken consecutively or individually but must be taken as a whole day. The associate must also fill out a Time Off Request form as they normally would.

*Prizes can not be transferred or exchanged for cash.

*And yes, you get to keep the giant novelty check 🙂

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